Projetos de investigação financiados



  • Coordenação
  1. Treat liver diseases by targeting hepatocyte necroptosis (HMSP-ICT/0018/2011 Harvard Medical School – Portugal). FCT 13-16. PI: CMP Rodrigues
  1. Preventing memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease: underlying mechanisms and therapeutic targets of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (PTDC/SAU-NMC/117877/10). FCT 12-15. PI: CMP Rodrigues
  1. NecroPT – Targeting hepatocyte necroptosis to treat liver diseases (PTDC/SAU-ORG/119842/10). FCT 12-15. PI: JD Amaral
  1. Are microglia a new potential pharmacological target in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)? (PTDC/SAU-FAR/118787/2010). FCT 12-15. PI: Dora Brites
  1. Aiming at miR-21 and bile acid-activated receptors in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease pathogenesis: two bullets for one murder? (PTDC/BIM-MED/0873/2012). FCT 13-15. PI: RE Castro
  1. Driving mitochondrial effectors of apoptosis toward neural differentiation (PTDC/BIM-MEC/0251/2012). FCT 13-15. PI: S Solá
  1. S-Glutathionylation in Parkinson’s disease (PTDC/NEU-OSD/0502/2012). FCT 13-15. PI: MJ Gama
  1. Oocyte membrane properties and calcium homeostasis: opening new doors for improving cryopreservation. FCT-MCTES (PTDC/CVT REP/2863/2012). 2013-2015. PI: G Soveral / J Matos
  1. Decoding the regulation of microglia phenotype by microRNAs in Alzheimer’s Disease (EXPL/NEU-NMC/1003/2013). FCT 14-15. PI: A Fernandes
  1. Role of Mitofusin 2 in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Targeting by microRNAs. Gilead Sciences International (Research Scholars Program in Liver Diseases) 2015-17. PI: RE Castro
  1. Nestlé Contract Research, Nestlé Lausanne. 2015-2016. PI: A Fernandes
  1. High throughput screening with AstraZeneca’s compound library. 2015-16. P: CMP Rodrigues
  1. Restriction Endonucleases: Genomic screening, cloning and expression. New England Biolabs, Inc.2014-2015 PI: J Vitor
  1. New therapeutic targets to control viral hepatitis (PGG/028/2013). Gilead 2014-15. PI: CMP Rodrigues
  1. Adapting protein homeostasis in inborn errors of metabolism: treatment of severe forms of phenylketonuria (Bolsa SPDM de Apoio à Investigação), 2014-2015. PI: J Leandro
  1. Human Phenylalanine Hydroxlase and Nanobiomaterials: A Novel Enzyme Reposition Therapy Approach to PKU”. Março 2015-Fevereiro 2017. Bolsa National PKU Alliance (NPKUA), USA Grant (Lino PR). Tutores: P Leandro (DBBH) e António José Almeida (DFGTF)
  1. Joining Chemistry and Biology to Efficiently Inhibit Neural Tumorigenesis and Improve Neural Regeneration (Young Investigator’s Projects for Collaborative Cross-disciplinary Studies – iMed.ULisboa) 2015-16. PIs: JD Amaral, M Santos, S Solá


  1. Interaction of bile acids with lipid membranes: creating a shield or bursting the bubble (PTDC/QUI-BIQ/119494/10). FCT 2012-15. PI: F Fernandes (IST) (CMP Rodrigues)
  1. Helicobacter pylori phages: translating an underestimated phenomenon into a therapeutic application (PTDC/EBB-EBI/119860/2010). FCT 2012-15 (J Vitor)
  1. Reinforcement of the Framework for Experiential Education in Healthcare in Serbia – ReFEEHS, Erasmus +, KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. 2015-18 (R Silva)
  1. Joining Forces in Corneal Regeneration Research. EU-COST Programme. COST Action BM1302. 14-18. PI: Claus Cursiefen, Germany (MC member: S Solá)
  1. Development of a European network for preclinical testing of interventions in mouse models of age and age-related diseases (MouseAGE). EU-COST Programme. COST Action BM1402. 2014-18. PI: Ilaria Bellantuono, UK (MC member: A Fernandes; RE Castro)
  1. Ion Channels and Immune Response toward a global understanding of immune cell physiology and for new therapeutic approaches (IONCHAN-IMMUNRESPON)”. EU-COST Programme. COST Action BM1406. 2015-18. (MC member: G Soveral)
  1. Chemical Approaches to Targeting Drug Resistance in Cancer Stem Cells. EU-COST Programme. COST Action CM1106. 2012-16. (MC member: G Soveral)