The admission process to PhD examination starts by the student’s request through an application to FFULisboa Scientific Council.



  • Application for admission to PhD examination;
  • Copies of thesis in digital support only, corresponding to the number of jury members, plus one copy, with the mention of Documento Provisório on the cover;
  • Copies of the curriculum vitae, corresponding to the number of jury members, plus one copy;
  • Supervisor(s)’ statement on the conformity of the thesis to be submitted to examination;
  • Jury Proposal (indicating name, category and institutional address of jury members and e-mail);
  • Library release declaration.



  1. The cover of the thesis should include:
    1. the name of the University of Lisbon and the Faculty of Pharmacy;
    2. the thesis title;
    3. the reference Documento Provisório;
    4. the main scientific area and, if applicable, the corresponding specialty;
    5. the student’s name;
    6. the supervisor(s)’ name(s);
    7. the year of completion;
    8. a reference that the thesis it is a document for the award of a PhD degree;
    9. the name of the partner institutions, whenever the degrees are awarded in association.
  2. The front page should be identical to the cover, and may mention collaborations and funding support;
  3. The thesis should have the abstracts in Portuguese and any other EU official language (300 words each, max), the keywords in Portuguese and any other EU official language (up to 5 keywords) and the tables of contents;
  4. When the thesis is written in a foreign language, an abstract written in Portuguese should be also submitted (1200 to 1500 words);
  5. There are no restrictions regarding the formatting (font, size or number of pages).



Cover and front page Template

CD Template



Examination admission fee:  500.00 Euros.



The documents must be delivered in original format and duly signed at the Academic Office of FFULisboa, until 72 hours before the Scientific Council monthly meeting.