Taxa de Candidatura – 75 euros (este pagamento deverá ser efectuado através da referência multibanco disponibilizada, na Plataforma de Candidaturas.)

Taxa de Matrícula – 75 euros (a pagar no acto da matrícula)

Seguro Escolar – 1.15 euros (a pagar no acto da matrícula)



Propinas 2016-2017 – Estudantes Nacionais

Propinas 2016-2017 – Estudantes Internacionais

Plano de Pagamento Alternativo de Propina



Application Fee – 75 euros (Your application will only be evalueted after the payment of the enrolment fee. For international bank transfers use the following bank account details: IBAN – PT500 781011 2000 0000 451121 BIC/SWIFT CODE: IGCPPTPL. After the payment you need to send the receipt of the payment proof to the email : posgraduados@ff.ulisboa.pt .)


Registration Fee – 75 euros (at the time of registration)


Student Insurance Fee – 1.15 euros (at the time of registration)



Tuition Fees 2016-2017 – National Students

Tuition Fees 2016-2017 – International Students

Alternative Payment Plan