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Elemental Analysis (EA) Service

Elemental Analysis (EA) is requested for many different areas of research. The newest Elemental Analysis Services provides rapid and accurate determination of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hidrogen, Sulfur and Oxigen (CHNS-O) content of unknowns.

EA is performed on a Thermo Scientific™ FLASH 2000 Series CHNS/O Analyzer, designed for unattended and fully automated determination of CHNS, CHN and oxygen in any type of sample.


Elemental Analyzer characteristics:

– CHNS or CHNS-O analysis option
– Automatic sampler
– TCD detector
– Software: Eager Xperience

The Elemental Analysis Services provides the follow services:

– Concentration (%) of C,H,N,S and/or O elements in a compound
– Purity determination