The research at the host institutions is of the highest quality and spans the i3DU spectrum, with strong ties with industry and society. Staff members develop research at iMed.ULisboa, at FF/ULisboa, leading the i3DU Programme, or in REQUIMTE  and IBMC, at FF/U.Porto, which host a total of 391 PhD members. In the last 5 years, they published over 3500 SCI papers, many in high impact international journals. Further, over 50 patents (27 international) have been registered. They have attracted strong competitive funding from national and international sources, prestigious awards, and industry contracts.

The infrastructures and instrumental power of the i3DU host institutions is impressive in many aspects, ranging from sate-of-the-art structural characterization instrumentation, to computer-assisted drug design, multitask bioimaging, medium to high-throughput screening, biosafety level 3 security, radioactive isotope handling, and animal houses. They are also involved in an expanding number of networks and synergies to support research infrastructures, both locally and globally, aiming at sustaining a robust and flourishing environment for world-class research and training. Host institutions participate in the Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Network, Portuguese NMR Network, and in the “Plataforma de Especialização de Intraestrturas de Investigação de Translação e Clínica – Health Cluster Portugal”, integrating the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance. They are also strongly involved in specialized, knowledge-based networks, regulatory agencies and other initiatives (e.g. European Medicines Agency, IMI, Health Cluster Portugal).

Hovione and Novartis  are major pharma industry partners of the i3DU Programme that invest a large percentage of their revenue in research and development. Other pharma/biotech companies, such as Sanofi, TechnoPhage, CSL Behring and Laboratório de Estudos Farmacêuticos have also agreed to support the Programme.