Dr Gilbert Gorr

As Chief Scientific Officer and Head of R&D at Phyton Biotech GmbH, a subsidiary of the DFB Pharmaceuticals division Phyton Biotech Ltd., Gilbert Gorr is responsible for all development projects regarding new plant-based cell cultures. Together with his colleagues he built up a strong project portfolio addressing the production of a variety of secondary metabolites by different plant cell cultures. In addition, he is responsible for the Phyton patent portfolio. After leaving greenovation Biotech GmbH and in parallel to starting a relationship with Phyton, in 2009 Gilbert cofounded Emcid Biotech GmbH where he served as managing director and CSO. In 2013 he realized a successful exit and at the same time became employee at Phyton. In 2000 Gilbert was hired by greenovation Biotech GmbH where he implemented and successfully advanced with his team the moss bioreactor technology. He initiated collaborations with biotech companies as well as with multinational pharmaceutical companies in order to express sophisticated glyco-engineered recombinant proteins like growth factors, hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Gilbert is inventor/co-inventor of 11 patent families covering secondary metabolites produced by plant cell cultures like thapsigargin, ingenol-3-mebutate and others, expression technologies, molecular tools and glyco-engineering – including antibody optimization. So far his work resulted in more than 200 granted patents.