Prof Dr Randolph Arroo

Dr Randolph Arroo is currently Reader in Phytochemistry. He graduated in Biology, and obtained an MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1985. Next, he worked as a Research Fellow at the Dutch Institute of Applied Research (TNO), department of Biotechnology. It was here that he first came to work on Plant Cell Cultures for the production of Medicinal Compounds. Further work on Plant Cell Cultures and plant Biotechnology was then done as a PhD-project at the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), resulting in a PhD-degree in 1994. He started in 1995 as a post-doc at De Montfort University, and quickly established himself as an independent researcher and lecturer. With financial support from the European Commission’s Framework Programme, and the British Ministry of Agriculture, he managed to establish the Natural Products Research group with the Leicester School of Pharmacy. His research interests are in the chemopreventive properties of natural products, notably natural products that are part of the human diet. Dr Arroo is on the editorial boards of Phytotherapy Research, Phytochemical Analysis, and Phytochemistry Letters. In addition, he is an active committee member of the Phytochemical Society of Europe Key words: Chemoprevention, anticancer, flavones, lignans, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, phytochemistry, metabolism, biosynthetic pathways