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About me

Ana Francisca de Campos Simão Bettencourt
Born on
4th of July, 1969
Lisboa, Portugal
Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, UL (1993)
PhD in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), UL (2006)
Quality Control Manager, Helsinn Produtos Farmacêuticos SA (Angelini Farmacêutica, Lda), Portugal (1993-1996)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon (UL)
Researcher at Research Institute for Medicines – Instituto de Investigação do Medicamento (iMed.ULisboa)


Bettencourt A. major research interests are in the improvement of the therapeutic effects of local drug delivery systems for application in biomaterial-associated-infections (orthopaedics, dental and urinary).

Specifically, novel strategies to overcome biomaterial-associated infections are being developed mainly by the production and full characterization of innovative polymeric local-drug with controlled release properties and high anti-biofilm activity against multi-resistant pathogens.

Recently, Bettencourt A. research interests in the biomedical field are also related to 3D printing scaffolds for biomaterial-based regenerative therapies and advanced drug delivery systems.


PhD Students

• Miguel Jorge Maria Zegre, “The interplay between antimicrobial drugs, nanoparticles and scaffolds in bone infections environment”. Cosupervisor: Lidia Gonçalves (FFULisboa), Liliana Aranha (Esc Sup Tecnologia de Saude de Lisboa). (2019 - )
• Tiago Alexandre Martins da Silva - "Biological characterization of acrylic cement for the controlled release of tetracyclines for craniofacial reconstruction". Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Porto. Supervisor: Pedro Gomes (FMDUP). (2014-)
• Joana Vieira Almeida e Costa - “Insights on Drug Loading into Acrylic resins” Supervisor: Cristina Neves; Faculty of Dental Medicine (University of Lisbon). Cosupervisor: Jaime Portugal e Ana Bettencourt. (2016 - ).
• Magda Ferreira - “Dual antibiotic-lipid based nanosystem as a tool to specifically target Staphylococcus aureus biofilms”. Supervisor: Sandra Aguiar (Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, ULisboa), Manuela Gaspar (iMed.ULisboa). (2019 - )

MSc Students

MSc in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine
• Ana Sofia D.S. Saraiva. “Insights on novel 3D scaffolds as local drug delivery platforms”. Cosupervisor: Lidia Gonçalves (FFULisboa) (2018 - )
MSc in Materials and Medical Devices (Universidade de Aveiro)
• Ana Filipa Rodrigues. “Fabrico de estruturas porosas multifuncionais por manufactura aditiva. Supervisor: Susana Olhero (Departamento Cerâmica, Universidade de Aveiro). (2016).
MSc Dental Medicine (Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, Universidade de Lisboa)
• Ana Licia Madeira. “Effect of chlorhexidine loading on the physical properties of acrylic reline resins after chemical ageing”. Supervisor: Cristina Neves. (FMD) (2018-).
• Luis G. Nepomuceno. “Effect of chlorhexidine loading on mechanical properties of acrylic reline resins after chemical ageing”. Supervisor: Cristina Neves. (FMD) (2018-).
MSc Biochemistry (Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
• Inês Isabel dos Anjos. “Biocompatibility evaluation of local drug delivery platforms for targeting bone infections”. Supervisor: Lidia Gonçalves (FFULisboa).

PhD Students

• Maria Cristina Bettencourt Neves - "Insights on the Biodegradation of Acrylic Reline Resins", Faculty of Dentistry, University of Lisbon (concluded 2012). Co-supervisors: Matilde Castro (FFUL); Luis Pires Lopes (Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon)
• Ana Cristina Mendes C. Matos - "Investigation of new formulations of acrylic bone cement containing antibiotics", Faculty of Pharmacy, (2009-2015) Co-supervisors: A. J. Almeida (FFUL); Mário Vaz (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto)
• Inês da Fonseca Santos Ferreira - "Novel nanoparticulate antibiotic-loaded bone cement as a sustained drug delivery system for chronic osteomyelitis treatment". Faculty of Pharmacy (2011-2015). Supervisor: A.J. Almeida (FFUL); co-supervisor: Ana Bettencourt and Andrej Trampuz (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Free and Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany)

MSc Students

MSc Biochemistry (Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
• Diogo da Silva Graça. – "Biological effects of acrylic engineering particulate systems". Co-supervisor: Maria Joao Silva (Instituto Nacional de Saude Dr. Ricardo Jorge). (2013-2014)
• Sofia Pinto da Silva. “Novel antibiotic-loaded orthopaedic bone cements: insights on drug release profiles and biocompatibility”.
• Magda Sofia Catroga Ferreira. “Antibacterial activity of antibiotic-loaded nanoparticles. Co-supervisor: Luisa Jordão (Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge). (2015-2016).
MSc Biotechnology (Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa)
• Máxime do Vale Ferreira. “Biological effects of polymeric microparticulate drug delivery-systems on human osteoblast like-cell culture model” MSc Biotechnology, Co-supervisor: Isabel Maria de Sá Correia Leite de Almeida (IST). (2015-2016).
MSc in Bioengineering and Nanosystems (Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa)
• Rodrigo Nobre. “Avaliação do efeito anti-biofilme de nanocápsulas poliméricas biocompatíveis contendo antibiótico”. Cosupervisor: José Farinha (IST). (2017 –
MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences (FFULisboa).
• Victor Z. Martin. “Bone regeneration: biomaterials as local delivery systems with improved osteoinductive properties” Cosupervisor: Isabel Ribeiro (FFULisboa). (2017 -
MSc Food Toxicology and Quality Control (Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa)
• Claudia Joana Saraiva Marques - "Rheological aspects of Extra-virgin portuguese olive oils". Supervisor: Lidia Pinheiro (FFUL). (2013-2015)
MSc in Materials and Medical Devices (Universidade de Aveiro)
• Eunice Veiga. “Microagulhas de cimentos ósseos para libertação controlada de fármacos”. Supervisor: Paula Torres (Departamento Cerâmica, Universidade de Aveiro). (2016).
• David Ramada. “Development and Characterization of Apatitic and Brushitic Microneedles for the Controlled Release of Antibiotics”. Supervisor: Paula Torres and Susana Olhero (Departamento Cerâmica, Universidade de Aveiro). (2017).
MSc in Biochemistry for Health (Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
• Kamila Dias. “Safety assessment of drug loaded polymeric nanoparticles for drugs encapsulation in human osteoblasts. Supervisor: Dra. Maria João Silva (Departamento de Genética Humana, Unidade de Investigação e Desenvolvimento, Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge). (2016-2017).
MSc in Regulation and Evaluation of Medicines and Health Products (FFULisboa)
• Paul Ferreira Agostinho. “Classificação e fronteiras de Dispositivos Médicos”. Supervisor: Prof. Helena Ribeiro (FFULisboa). (2016).
MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences (FFULisboa).
• Raquel Calado. “Development of a topical mucoadhesive ocular delivery system for ceftadizime”. MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences Supervisor: Lídia Gonçalves. (2015-2017).
MSc Dental Medicine (Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, Universidade de Lisboa)
Supervisor: Cristina Neves
• Catarina Matos de Sousa. "Effect of Chlorhexidine Incorporation on the Properties of Acrylic Reline Resins". (2013-2014)
• Neuza Isabel Fernandes Marcelino. "Effect of Chlorhexidine Incorporation on Acrylic Reline Resins: Release Studies". (2014-2015)
• Marta Cristina Silvério Barreiros. "Effect of Chlorhexidine Incorporation on the Surface". (2014-2015)
• Filipe Gaudêncio Pacheco. “Insights on the thermal aging of acrylic reline resins: release studies”. (2015 – 2016).
• Fábia Aurélia Vieira Alexandre. “Insights on the chemical aging of acrylic reline resins: release studies”. (2015-2016).
• Natália Costa. “Effect of ageing on the physical and surface properties of chlorhexidine loaded acrylic reline resins”. Supervisor: Cristina Neves (FMD) (2017-2018).

Research Fellow (FCT)

• Dr. Miroslava Smolinská. “Characterization of physical properties and surface structure of hybrid materials and polymer nanocomposites with photoactive surfaces and evaluation of material biocompatibility” Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University (Bratislava). 2016.
• Prof. Dr. Ester Zuza Hernández. “Polymers as Drug Delivery Systems”. Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao. University of the Basque Country. 2017.
• Dra. Noroa Sadaba. “Improved 3D printed biodegradable scaffolds with incorporation of drug delivery and antibacterial systems”. Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao. University of the Basque Country. 2018
• Flávia Rosana Vieira Pinto - MSc Materials and Medical Devices (Univ. Aveiro). (2014-2015)

JUNIOR RESEARCH STUDENTS (Grant from Fundação Amadeu Dias/University of Lisbon)
• Helena Ferrão – "Quantification of isobuthylmethacrylate in Dental Biomaterials". (2008)
• João Conniot – "Evaluation of an antibiotic release from an orthopaedic biomaterial". (2011)
• Luis Carvalho – "Evaluation of an antibiotic release from calcium phosphate microparticles". (2011)

Junior Researcher

• Claudia Sofia Jorge Vilhena - MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences (2009-2012)
• Pedro Miguel Nascimento Jogo - MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences (FFUL) (2011-2014)


• Ana Catarina Fernandes (Materials and Medical Devices, MSc) (2010)
• Miguel Mendes de Oliveira (Faculty of Dental Medicines UL, MSc) (2012-2013)
• Silvia Almeida da C. P. Coelho - "Ciências Biomédicas" (Algarve University), Programa Almeida Garret. (2012-2013)
• Amir Zomorodian, PhD student, “Functional protective coatings for bio-resorbable magnesium alloys”, Supervisor: Maria de Fátima Montemor (Centro de Química Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico). (2016).
• Danila Malheiros Souza. PhD student “Caracterização da bioatividade de biomateriais”. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Saúde da Universidade Federal do Triangulo Mineiro, Curso de Doutorado, na área de concentração Patologia Básica e Experimental (2017).
• Ana Catarina Fernandes Marques, PhD student. “Desenho e processamento de estruturas porosas de fosfatos de cálcio por robocasting para engenharia de tecido ósseo”. Supervisor: José Maria Ferreira (Professor do Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais e Cerâmica da Universidade de Aveiro) (2017).



• Woischnig A-K, Gonçalves LM, Ferreira M, Kuehla K, Kikhney J, Moter A, Ribeiro IAC, Almeida AJ, Khanna N, Bettencourt A (2018). Daptomycin-loaded acrylic microparticles increase intracellular and anti-biofilm activity against Staphylococcus aureus. Int J of Pharm, 550 (1-2), 372-379.
• Silva T, Silva JC, Colaço B, Gama A, Araújo M, Fernandes MH, Bettencourt A, Gomes P (2018). Tissue response and antibacterial efficacy of PMMA-loaded minocycline bone cements in a translational experimental animal model. J. of Biomaterials Applications, DOI: 10.1177/0885328218795290.
• Hernandez JF, Ribeiro IAC, Martin V, Martija OL, Zuza E, Bettencourt AF, Sarasua JR (2018). Release mechanisms of urinary tract antibiotics when mixed with bioabsorbable polyesters. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl, 93:529-538.
• Ferreira M, Bettencourt A, Gaspar M (2018). Lipid-based nanosystems as drug delivery carriers for specific targeting of bone infections: current approaches and future endeavours. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery (accepted).
• Marques CF, Olhero SM, Torres PMC, Abrantes JCC, Fateixa S, Nogueira HIS, Ribeiro IAC, Bettencourt A, Sousa A, Granja P, Ferreira JMF (2019). Novel sintering-free scaffolds obtained by additive manufacturing for concurrent bone regeneration and drug delivery: Proof of concept. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl, C94, 426-436.
• Santos-Ferreira I, Bettencourt A, Gonçalves LM, Kasper S, Bétrisey B, Kikhney J, Moter A, Trampuz A, Almeida AJ. Activity of Daptomycin and Vancomycin-loaded poly-epsilon-caprolactone microparticles against mature staphylococcal biofilms. Int J Nanomedicine (2015) vol 15, pages 4351- 4351-4366.
• Martin V, Bettencourt A (2018). Bone regeneration: biomaterials as local delivery systems with improved osteoinductive properties. Mat Sci Eng 82:363-371.
• Silva T, Grenho L, Barros J, Silva JC, Pinto R, Matos A, Colaço B, Fernandes MH, Bettencourt A, Gomes P (2017). Minocycline-releasing PMMA system as a space maintainer for staged bone reconstructions – in vitro antibacterial, cytocompatibility and anti-inflammatory characterization. Biomed Mater, 6;12(3):035009.
• Graça D, Louro H, Santos J, Dias K, Gonçalves LM, Almeida AJ, Silva MJ, Bettencourt A (2017). Toxicity screening of novel poly(methylmethacrylate)-Eudragit nanocarriers on L929 fibroblast cells. Tox Letters, 276:129-137.
• Ferreira M, Rzhepishevska O, Grenho L, Malheiros D, Gonçalves L, Almeida AJ, Jordão L, Ribeiro IA, Ramstedt M, Gomes P, Bettencourt A (2017). Levofloxacin-loaded bone cement delivery system: Highly effective against intracellular bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus biofilms. Int J Pharm, 30;532(1):241-248.
• Matos A, Ribeiro I, Guedes R, Pinto R, Vaz M, Gonçalves L, Almeida AJ, Bettencourt A. Key-properties Outlook of a levofloxacin-loaded acrylic bone cement with improved antibiotic delivery. Int. J. of Pharm. (2015) 15;485(1-2):317-28. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2015.03.035.
• Ferreira IFS, Bettencourt A, Betrisey B, Gonçalves LM, Trampuz A, Almeida AJ. Improvement of the Antibacterial Activity of Daptomycin-loaded Polymeric Microparticles by Eudragit RL 100: an Assessment by Isothermal Microcalorimetry. Int. J. of Pharm. 485 (2015) 171–182. 2015. doi:10.1016/j.ijpharm.2015.03.016
• Matos AC, Marques CF, Pinto RV, Ribeiro IA, Gonçalves LM, Vaz MA, Ferreira JM, Almeida AJ, Bettencourt AF. Novel doped calcium phosphate-PMMA bone cement composites as levofloxacin delivery systems. Int J Pharm. (2015) 25;490(1-2):200-8. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2015.05.038.
• Matos A, Gonçalves L, Rijo P, Vaz M, Almeida AJ, Bettencourt A. A Novel Modified Acrylic Bone Cement Matrix. A Step Forward On Antibiotic Delivery Against Multiresistant Bacteria Responsible For Prosthetic Joint Infections. Mat Sci & Engineer C, 2014;38(1):218–226.
• Neves B, Lopes L, Miranda J, Castro M, Bettencourt A. Ethanol post-polymerization treatment for improving the biocompatibility of acrylic relin resins. Biomed Res International. Vol 2013 (2013), article ID 485246.
• Vilhena C, Bettencourt A. Daptomycin: A Review of Properties, Clinical Use, Drug Delivery and Resistance. MiniReviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 2012, 12 (3), 202-209.
• Bettencourt A, Almeida AJ. "Poly (methyl methacrylate) Particulate Carriers in Drug Delivery". J Microencapsul 2012; 29(4): 353–367.
• Bettencourt A, Florindo HF, Ferreira IFS, Matos A, Monteiro J, Neves C, Lopes P, Castro M, Almeida AJ. Incorporation of Tocopherol Acetate-containing Particles in Acrylic Bone Cement. J Microencapsul, 2010;27(6):91-101.
• Bettencourt A, Calado A, Amaral J, Vale FM, Rico JMT, Monteiro J, Lopes A, Pereira L, Castro M (2000). In vitro release studies of methylmethacrylate liberation from acrylic cement powder. Int J Pharm, 197:161-168.
• Bettencourt A, Calado A, Amaral J, Vale FM, Rico JMT, Monteiro J, Castro M (2001). The influence of vacuum mixing on methylmethacrylate liberation from acrylic cement powder. Int J Pharm, 219: 89-93.
• Bettencourt A, Calado A, Amaral J, Vale FM, Rico JMT, Monteiro J, Montemor MF, Ferreira MGS, Castro M (2002). The effect of ethanol on acrylic bone cement. Int J Pharm, 241:97-102.
• Bettencourt A, Calado ART, Amaral J, Vale F, Toscano Rico J M, Monteiro J, Montemor MF, Ferreira MGS, Castro M (2004). Surface studies on acrylic bone cements. Int J Pharm, 278:181-186.

Other publications available at Researcher ID, ORCID and Scopus.


• Martin V, Bettencourt A (2018). Bone regeneration: biomaterials as local delivery systems with improved osteoinductive properties. In: Shiffan RA (ed). Bone regeneration. Springer (by invitation, submitted).
• Bettencourt A., Almeida AJ. Poly(methyl methacrylate): Drug Delivery Applications. Mishra MK (ed.), “Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, ISBN1-13: 9781439898796) (2015).
• Louro H., Bettencourt A., Gonçalves LM, Almeida AJ, Silva MJ. Role of nanogenotoxicology studies in safety evaluation of nanomaterials. S. Thomas, Y. Grohens, N. Ninan: Nanotechnology Applications for Tissue Engineering. ISBN: 978-0-323-32889-0. 2015 Elsevier Inc. DOI: (2015).


Rodrigues MA, Padrela L, Matos HA, Azevedo EG, Pinheiro L, Bettencourt A, Castro M, Almeida AJ, Duarte A (2013). Crystalline minocycline thermo-resistant minocycline obtained by recrystallization with carbon dioxide. Patente Portuguesa nº 106063. Concedida em 25/05/2017.


Project Leader

Source: EXCL/CTM-NAN/0166/2012; NanoPoliBiofilm - Polymeric therapeutic nanoparticles containing an antimicrobial agent: new opportunities for the development of anti-biofilm agents to treat prosthetic joint infections.
Project Leader: Ana Bettencourt

Co-Principal Investigator

Source: PTDC/BTM-SAL/29335/2017; Anti-biofilm features of glycolipid-functionalized silicone catheters towards healthcare-associated infections prevention. PI: Isabel Ribeiro (FFUL). (2018-2021).

Joint Projects (Responsible by FARM-ID)

Source: PTDC/SAU-PUB/29481/2017; Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity of Ingested Nanomaterials, INGESTNano. PI: Dra Henriqueta Louro (Instituto Nacional de Saude Dr. Ricardo Jorge). (2018-2021).
Source: FCT/FEDER (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029274); Self-setting bioceramic microdevices for medical applications in transdermal drug delivery. PI: Dra Paula Torres (CICECO, Universidade de Aveiro). (2018-2021).

International Collaborative Actions

2014-2018 - Trans Domain COST Action - TD1305 "Improved Protection of Medical Devices Against Infection (IPROMEDAI)". Advisory board member
2014-2018 - Trans Domain COST ACTION NEWGEN - MP1301 "New Generation Biomimetic and Customized Implants for Bone Engineering". Elected Member
2017-2020 - Cost Action CA16217. European network of multidisciplinary research to improve the urinary stents (ENIUS)
2015-2016 - "Characterization of the activity of antibiotic-loaded nanoparticles against bacterial biofilms by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)" - Transnational Cooperation with Germany.

Team Member

• Programme “Academia-Industry Partnership for Collaborative Studies, IMED.ULisboa, 2016”
Títle: SLs-Sil-Cath, Novel Glycolipid functionalized biomaterial as preventive approach for catheter-related infections PI: Isabel Ribeiro (2016-2017).
Prémio: Bolsa de Inovação da Secção Regional do Sul e Regiões Autónomas da Ordem dos Farmacêuticos.



Acta Biomaterialia, Current Pharmaceutical Analysis, Dental Biomaterials, Drug Delivery Letters, Eur J of Pharmacy and BioPharm, Expert opinion in Drug Delivery, International Journal Infection, International Journal of Pharm, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, International Journal of Polymeric Materials, Journal of Biomaterials Science: Polymer Edition, Journal of Functional Materials, Journal of Infection, Journal of Pharm, J of Biomedical Materials Research B, Journal of Microencapsulation, Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Journal of Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology and Vaccine development, Nano, Plos One, Scientific Reports.

Funding Agency

Ministério da Ciência Tecnologia e Innovacion Productiva (ANPCyT), Argentina

Scientific Advisor

• Portuguese delegate for the ISO/TC 194 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices).
• Technical translation of International Standard Guidelines (e.g. EN ISSO 10993-12 – Avaliação biológica dos dispositivos médicos – Parte 12: Preparação das amostras e materiais de referencia; NP EN 1041 + A1– Informação fornecida pelo fabricante de dispositivos médicos; NP EN ISO 10555-1 – Cateteres intravasculares – cateteres estéreis e de uso único. Parte 1: Requisitos gerais).
• Portuguese committee for Nanotechnologies CEN/TC 352 (European Committee for Standardization/Technical Committee/ Nanotechnologies — Guidance for the responsible development of nanotechnologies).


Bettencourt A. is Assistant Professor at the "Faculdade de Farmácia (ULisboa)" where she lectures different courses (tutorials and pratical classes) as "Biomaterials and Medical Devices" (Health Sciences Degree, University of Lisbon) and "Medical Devices, Physics, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry" for the "Integrated Master course in Pharmaceutical Sciences". She also lectures "Rheology Lab" and "Toxicology" in the "Master of Toxicology and Food Control Quality" and supervises several research projects of junior students.

(Biomaterials and MD – LCS (UL) (class 2012-2013)
Medical Devices (FFUL) (class 2012-2013)


July, 2015



Click to view program »


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Junior Research Project

1. Supervision of junior research scientific training
(BOLSA FUNDAÇÃO AMADEU DIAS/Grant from University of Lisbon)

• João Miguel de Oliveira Conniot. Evaluation of release kinetic profile of levofloxacin from an orthopaedic biomaterial used in osteomyelitis treatment. (July 2011) • Luis Miguel Afonso Ramos de Carvalho. Studies on levofloxacin release profile from calcium phosphate microparticles. (July 2011) • Helena Filipa Ricardo Ferrão. Stability of dental biomaterials under chemical biodegradation simulation model. (2009)

2. Supervision of undergraduate research projects

• Carolina Tomé. “Antibiofilm strategies in medical devices”. (2018). Co-supervisor.
• Patrícia Nobre Lopes Lourenço Soares. "Surface Hydrophobicity Characterization by Contact Angle of PMMA and PMMA-Eudragit particles". (2014). Co-supervisor.
• Marina Alexandra Antunes Feliz. "Chlorhexidine-releasing Acrylic Reline Resins". (2014)
• Pedro Miguel Nascimento Jogo. "Preparation and characterization of antibiotic loaded polymeric nanoparticles". (2014)
• João Vasco P.P da Silva. "Rheological evaluation of Portuguese olive oils and physico-chemical characterization of Portuguese olive oils". (2014). Co-supervisor.
• Sílvia Almeida da Costa Pires Coelho. "Cytotoxicity evaluation of acrylic reline resins". (2013)
• Claúdia Sofia Jorge Vilhena. "Evaluation of the biodegradation of acrylic dental materials". (2012)
• João Miguel de Oliveira Conniot. "Evaluation of levofloxacin release from acrylic bone cement beads". (2011)
• Helena Filipa Ricardo Ferrão. "Preliminary studies on the incorporation of levofloxacin on PMMA particles". (2011)
• Helena Filipa Ricardo Ferrão. "Effect of a Post-polymerization treatment on autopolymerized acrilic resins". (2010)
• Kevin Almeida Silva Bettencourt. "Effect of supercritical superoxide on the microbiological activity of antibiotics nanoparticles". (2009)
• Filipe André Jardim dos Vultos. "Physico-chemical stability of dental biomaterials". (2009)
• Inês da Fonseca Santos Ferreira. "Preliminary studies on the incorporation d-alpha-tocoferil polyethylene glycol and alpha-tocoferol acetate PMMA particles into acrylic bone cement". (2009)
• Inês da Fonseca Santos Ferreira. "Preliminary studies on the incorporation of alpha-tocoferol in PMMA acrylic bone cement". (2008)


3. Prizes

2010 - Hovione junior prize "Supercritical carbon dioxide effect on the microbiological activity of antibiotic micro/nanoparticles" to Kevin Bettencourt.
Thesis (MICF)

Bologna Master’s Degree Thesis (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon)

• Rita de Assunção Mendonça. “Antibiotic drug delivery in polymeric nanoparticles”. (2015).
• Sara Filipa Tomas dos Reis. “Medical devices associated infections”. (2015).
• João Carlos Silva da Costa. “Estudos Clínicos em Dispositivos Médicos”. (2016)
• João Pedro da Silva Pinto. “Nanotechnology and medical devices: biomaterials in orthopedics”. (2016).
• Marisa Moreira. “Osteomyelitis”. (2017).
• Madalena Nina Carreira Ferreira da Cruz. “Inovation in Medical devices”. (2017).
• Marcia Filipa Vaz Souto Lopes. “Biocompatibility and medical devices”. (2017).
• Joana Oliveira Brito. “Infection in Medical devices”. (2017).
• Eugénia Duarte. “Gold nanoparticles”. (2018 - )
• Cristina Nogueira. “Health technologies”. (2018 -).
• Marina Feliz. "Effect of chlorhexidine release from acylic reline resins". (2015)
• Sara Reis. "Infections associated to medical devices". (2015)
• Rita Mendonça. "Polimeric nanoparticles for antibiotic delivery". (2015)
• Diana Passadouro. "Medical devices for drug delivery". (2015)
• Claúdia Sofia Jorge Vilhena. "Daptomycin: a review". (2014)
• Cátia Sofia Teodoro Jacinto. "Medical devices with drugs for Orthopaedics". (2014)
• João Vasco Pinto Pereira da Silva. "Reological evaluation of olive oils". (2014)
• Irina Petrovnabidyuk Pedrinho. "Medical Devices in Cardiology". (2014)
• Sílvia Maria Pintão Ferreira. "Medical Devices: concepts and applications". (2013)
• Cristina Bonito Setembro. "Medical devices and diabetes mellitus". (2013)
• Cláudia Gonçalves. "Ocular drug delivery systems". (2013)
• Helena Filipa Ricardo Ferrão. "Nanotechnology approaches for bone tissue engineering". (2012)
• Carolina Costa. "Drug delivery through the skin". (2012)
• Joana Filipa Viana Gonçalves. "Aseptic Failure of cemented artroplasties". (2012)
• António Eduardo Carrasco Serrano. "Acrylic Bone Cement: applications in orthopaedic surgery". (2011)
• Diana Catarina Santana Gomes. "Osteomyelitis: an overview of antimicrobial therapy". (2011)
• Ana Maria Pato Alvarinho. "Bone cements: applications in orthopaedic surgery". (2010)
• Miguel Fernandes Fagundes. "Polymethylmethacrylate particles as drug delivery systems". (2010)
• Rita Martins Didelet Pereira. "Antibiotics incorporated in biomaterials for orthopaedic surgery". (2010)
• Sergio Filipe Nogueira de Sousa. "Biocompatibility evaluation of Orthopaedic biomaterials". (2010)
• Maria Rita Baptista Mateus da Cunha Gil. "Denture acrylic materials: insights on chemical degradation". (2010)
• Hugo Ricardo Silva. "Biomaterials in orthopaedic surgery: metalosis and its inflammatory consequences". (2010)
• Susana Patrícia Cruz Bandeira Mouronho. "Biomaterials for Dental Medicine". (2009)
• Carlos Isidoro Pinheiro. "Infections in orthopaedic surgeries". (2009)
• Mónica Elisa Camacho. "Oxidative stress and antioxidants". (2008)
• Inês Alexandra Ribeiro. "Biomaterials for orthopaedics and cardiology". (2008)
• Sílvia P.A.M. Crescido. "Cells-materials interactions". (2008)
• Alexandra Isabel M. Pereira. "Biomaterials: structure, properties and interaction with living tissues". (2008)
• Mafalda Magalhães Costa. "Biomaterials as drug delivery systems". (2008)
ERASMUS (Reports)

Supervision of ERASMUS report

• Zacarias Israel Quinta Ribeiro, “In situ forming microspheres”: A new challenge for the treatment of osteomyelitis, University of Sassari, Italy (2016).
• Pedro Jogo. "Furagin: Forced degradation studies". Rīga Stradiņš University. (2015)
• Rafael Mateus. "In Situ Forming Systems for Bone Regeneration: Preliminary Studies". University of Sassari, Italy. (2015)


VERÃO NA ULisboa – Julho 2015 - "Cimentos osseos acrílicos: avaliação das propriedades de superfície"
A ULisboa na Promoção da Saúde Infantil” visa promover a saúde e higiene, em vários domínios, junto da comunidade escolar infantil do 2.º e 3.º ano do ensino básico, através de exposições orais e de atividades experimentais, incentivando atitudes saudáveis. O projeto realizou-se durante o mês de junho de 2016, tendo sido financiado pela ULisboa no âmbito do Regulamento de Apoio às Atividades Extracurriculares dos Membros da Comunidade Académica da Universidade de Lisboa.


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Ana Francisca Bettencourt
November 10, 2013

No âmbito do projeto (EXCL/CTM-NAN/0166/2012)

No âmbito do projeto (EXCL/CTM-NAN/0166/2012)
Área Cientifica: Ciência e Engenharia de Materiais - NanoMateriais e Dispositivos Médicos


You can send an email to my email address, which is available below.

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Lisboa, Portugal